Hello there and welcome to Big Pink Media, the home for my various internet, music and software projects.

If you're looking for Big Pink New Media then you're in the wrong place, but you can find them here


Handcrafted cards and earrings from Annie&Nic.

Big Pink House

The original website. All of the original photos from our 18 months in the house and lots of photos from our housemates and friends since leaving the house.

The Lazy Killers

The website of North London's most eminant sponsers of backstreet studios. Now in semi-retirement, living of the proceeds of several almost half full shows at the Archway Tavern. This site is kept running in their honour.


A tool for finding dead and duplicate tracks in your iTunes library.

The following are out of date at the moment - as soon as I get some time I'll update the software projects.


A tool for synchronizing bookmarks and favorites across different browsers and platforms.

DShield Analyzer

A tool to parse firewall log files and generate reports. I wanted a way to analyze the log files produced by my Linux IPChains firewall. I found the DShield site and the DShield.py project, but I was a little concerned about emailing my firewall logs without analyzing them myself first. So over the course of a weekend I wrote a Java application to parse and present the output from the DShiled.py script.


The thoughts and ocassional mad-cap ramblings of a 30-something muso. Not as bad as it sounds.

Linux Scratcpad

A place for me to make notes about maintaince of my Linux boxes, which may be of use to other people.

First there was big pink house. One evening around the kitchen table at our old house, the Big Pink House, one of the girls suggested that we should create a website for all our photos. As the techy in the house, I set up the site to run from my freeserve account and everything went swimmingly.

After a while of collecting photos and bullying the girls for content (can you believe that living with 2 journalists neither of them wrote any content!) I ran out of space with freeserve and got a proper hosted account. At the time we had been talking about starting some kind of media company, called Big Pink Media, and so I registered the site (this site) and Big Pink Media was born.

Next came The Lazykillers. I was (well still am I suppose) in a band, who for about a year of their existance had no name. And then, out of frustration more than anything, we decided to call ourselves The Lazy Killers and I set up a site as a way of promoting the band.

I'm a software designer by profession and I've been interested in open source software since reading The Cathederal And The Bazaar Favesynch (which I still work on every so often) was designed as a way to (a) learn c++ and (b) have a way of accessing my favorites at home, work on my PDA etc.

DShield Analyzer, is my latest piece of software to help analyze firewall logs. I had no way to determine how many hits I was getting on my firewall on particular ports and from particular clients. Version 0.1 is pretty basic but I have a lot of ideas - I just need the time to do all of them.

Muso-bable is my latest toy. We go to far too many gigs a year and thought I could write reviews of some of them for other people to enjoy. Still in it's early stages, but it's looking good at the moment.

That's all for now. You can contact me by email me about pretty much everything on the site.

March 2004.