iTunes File Management

What is iTunes File Management?

iTunes File Management is a tool to assist with management of your iTunes library, particularly in finding dead and duplicate tracks.

Why do I need this?

I found that by moving my library around several drives I'd managed to pick up a large nnumber of dead and duplicate tracks. iTunes is a product but it's not so good at detecting dead and duplicate tracks and allowing you to delete them. The duplicate track finder in iTunes isn't very good, if you singles/EPs/Albums and maybe live tracks from the same band then you will probably have legitimet duplicate tracks - these are identified by iTunes as duplicates.

Thankfully Apple were clever enough to expose an API for application developers to access the library, and iTunes File Management uses this to detect dead tracks (tracks in the library that do not have physical files attached) and duplicate tracks. Duplicate tracks are determined to be those with the same name, artist, album and duration - this provides an improvement over the standard iTunes duplicat edetection.

What is the latest version?

Version 0.2.1 was released under the GNU General Public License on 7th January 2006.

What does version 0.2.1 do?

Version 0.2.1 contains performance enhancements to the 0.2.0 release.

Version 0.2.0 has the following features:
Reads your iTunes library to detect and display dead and duplicate tracks
Allows you to delete the dead and duplicate tracks
Allows you to move duplicate tracks to a "Deleted Tracks" playlist (new for version 0.2.0)

How do I get started?

Firstly you need to have iTunes installed and then you should read this disclaimer carefully:

This software has been tested to the best of my ability but, given that this is the first release it probably contains some bugs. If you use this tool then you do so at you own risk. My advise would be to use the 'Deleted Tracks' feature to select tracks for deletion. Alos, consider deleting files in small batches and verify that the results are as you expect. If you do find any bugs then please report them to me at

The latest version is available for download.

What features are going to be added to subsequent versions?

I'm hoping to add the following features to version 0.3:
Ability to reclasify files identified as Original or Duplicate
Scan filesystem for tracks that are not currently managed by iTunes
Bug fixes as required

How can I help?

Please email me with
Bug Reports
Suggestions for improvements or additional features